Church fire rekindles - Greenville News

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The capital regarding scotland- Easley as well as Anderson County sent ladder trucks to assist as well, Heyward said.

That's typical having a roof collapse since there is actually no telling what may flame up once again underneath the particular rubble, according towards the assistant chief.

The station is actually of a mile from your church, which is located off State 81 powering the actual Ingles grocery store.

He stated a portion of the rooftop collapsed whilst crews were attacking your fire, but no one had been injured.

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A church gym ended up being gutted by simply fire right after crews were called twice Friday to Siloam Baptist Church inside Anderson County.

Heyward mentioned your fire doesn't appear to be suspicious but stated the actual church gym has been most nevertheless destroyed.

Firefighters react in order to Siloam Baptist Church in Powdersville early Friday.(Photo: Paul Brown)

Investigators remained trying to determine what caused the fire Friday afternoon.

Smoke and also flames were currently visible via the roof once firefighters arrived, Heyward said.

Greg Heyward, assistant fire chief with the Powdersville Fire Department, mentioned your intial alarm sounded in regarding 5:20 a.m.

The sanctuary will be housed in the distinct constructing along with wasn't damaged.

Heyward as well as the majority of the actual firefighters had already left the particular church simply by 10:45 a.m. when the flames rekindled, sending crews back again to the scene.. a bigger part with the ceiling furthermore fell throughout during the next call, Heyward said.

Between 35 for you to 40 firefighters responded towards the a pair of calls, such as units from the Wren and also 3 along with Twenty fire departments

Pinterest Wants To Hire You! - Cambio (blog)

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For all roles outside associated with engineering, we're investing growing hiring prices to end up being able to 12% ethnically and/or racially diverse by the end associated with 2016. Pinterest offers developed a public guarantee to strive towards a goal regarding hiring more women and ethnically diverse employees by the end of 2016. Through college, women constitute under 12% regarding graduating CS majors."

Looking at the real numbers regarding Pinterest, Tracy states (at the period of the revealed article) Pinterest has, "11 women out of 89 engineers, putting us from 12% female inside engineering -- the identical percentage as appearing out of undergraduate CS programs. What sparked this initiative would become a blog submit by female Pinterest engineer, Tracy Chou. Jewelbots, the STEM-education targeted wearable, also aims for you to encourage youthful girls to adopt a new liking to always be able to tech-focused studies.

. We get to become thoughtful concerning sourcing candidates and also constructing the best culture, and in which we spend funds on deliberate efforts to always be able to connect with females in the community. but we're eager to spread out the particular conversation."

Pinterest may be really open up relating to always be able to this initiative as well as commits in order to holding themselves accountable for you to results. We're even now mastering and also growing, as well as we can get better with regards to measuring as well as understanding our funnels as well. It's not, really. per an argument coming from their particular spokesperson:

"We're publicly investing escalating hiring rates pertaining to full-time engineering roles to 30% female as well as 8% ethnically and/or racially diverse by the finish involving 2016. Our inaugural intern class had eight females from 28 engineering interns, which can be 29%."

Further elaborating on her discovery, Tracy stated, "Many people request me if it's simpler simply because we're Pinterest. What do you believe - can be Pinterest's initiative a huge key to equality inside the workplace, or do we nonetheless have a long way to go?

Calling out tech companies with regard to not, "having honest conversations about the issue," Tracy challenged the actual numbers of numerous tech companies: Exactly what is the real number of women employed from these companies? Your Woman even dove deeper to the issue, identifying in which the real difficulty could lie. Actually fewer are generally enrolled in personal computer science classes within high school. The Particular submit surfaced the particular disparities of females within tech careers.

"Not adequate girls are usually getting math and science courses throughout elementary school. That may not only always be tech companies not hiring women, it may be the lack of females applying.

We'll adhere to this. We're additionally investing implementing a new Rooney Rule-like requirement to ensure a minimal of one minority and one female candidate to become considered in an interview stage for every open leadership position."

They strategy to do this simply by expanding their particular recruiting efforts using a steered concentrate on females and also distinct ethnicities. Pinterest isn't the only organization addressing this issue

Diving Headfirst Into the Internet of Things - New York Times

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But individuals extenders are generally typically throughout an ugly box.

Sengled offers yet another option, combining any Wi-Fi range extender with an LED light bulb. Motion along along with other activity alerts too as video playback are usually accessible through its app. The Particular three choices for that mild are certainly one seems like a regular incandescent bulb similar within brightness into a 40-watt bulb ($50), a recessed lamp using the brightness involving about 60 watts ($60), along along with a larger model which is comparable inside brightness to a 75-watt recessed lamp ($60).


the Sengled Boost is an element LED bulb, portion Wi-Fi booster.



Anyone could control the particular lights -- dimming them, pertaining to example, or perhaps turning them in or perhaps off -- with the Sengled smartphone app. Your app requires into account your energy costs as well as the weather forecast. Its Pulse series of lamps (starting from $60) combines lighting having a JBL Bluetooth speaker, allowing one to stream the qualifications music on the smartphone or tablet via the lamp.

Oral-B Pro 5000 Rechargeable Toothbrush, concerning $100Photo

The Actual Oral-B Pro 5000 functions having a smartphone app to make certain an individual brush lengthy enough.



This particular Oral-B toothbrush sends information to some smartphone app to aid you brush for the advised size of time, as well as in all regarding the proper ways.

The device will be connected towards the app using Bluetooth. Through there, the actual PicoBrew's technologies will take over, selecting the correct brewing time and temperature.

You can easily monitor your temperature with the brew and associated with the unit about the company's website. It remains to be seen regardless of whether these devices, and in addition the myriad other people coming our way, will grow in order to be commonplace or simply represent a passing fancy.

PicoBrew Zymatic, $2,000The PicoBrew -- a new 50-pound brewing unit and separate metal keg -- largely automates the beer-making process.

To use the unit, you initial of all connect it towards the Internet, possibly with a wire as well as wirelessly, then pick one of the particular more than one hundred recipes open to download. An Individual load the unit with most the levels of barley, hops along with water called for in the recipe. In case chemicals emitted coming from things such as presswood furniture, cleaning goods as well as nail polish remover reach a hazardous level, the particular app sends out an alert to spread out the particular window. The Actual app additionally tracks power use over time, so that will you can modify the air-conditioner's temperature to save money.


The Particular PicoBrew Zymatic will brew beer with regard to you.


David Rose

. The Actual brush features sufficient memory to store up to 30 brushing episodes and can upload these towards the app next time the 2 tend to be within Bluetooth range, the particular brush can be upon and the app can be open.

Withings Home, $200Many house monitoring methods upload video to the Internet. Nevertheless Withings, the particular maker involving Internet-connected well being treatment goods for example scales as well as blood pressure cuffs, comes up having a multi-feature approach.


Your Withings home is actually more than a new surveillance camera.



Additionally in order to normal video surveillance, House furthermore detects motion, sounds, air quality and, eventually, it can easily recognize babies' cries and also faces.

Merely because you can perform something, will it imply you should?

That query may arrive at thoughts when considering the World wide web regarding Items -- your idea any certain one day, products of virtually just about all kinds will probably be connected to the Internet as well as integrated.

Many people now just take as any given simple items that Internet-connected devices may do, just like starting an automobile through inside your house, turning off air-conditioning having a smartphone app as well as immediately sending our blood stress level readings for you to our doctors.

Device makers are actually expanding their own imaginations. (The company downloads a range of data from your app.)

To remind you to maintain the digital brush within action, a new timer on the app begins up routinely once you turn the particular brush on, along with counts on the seconds. Your extender could deliver quite an upgrade of service. Inside any current test, the Sengled Boost elevated the actual Wi-Fi download signal speed inside a office from home from a paltry 2.4 megabits for each second, or even Mbps, to within excessive of 5 Mbps.

Sengled also makes various other LED lamp combination products. Your Wi-Fi extender section of these devices will often be in even if you turn the actual lamp off, however as lengthy as you do thus from the app. Along With to maintain customers through receiving bored, the app displays news, weather and also brushing tips.

You don't must maintain your smartphone next for your toothbrush in any way times. Any 30-day storage bundle will be readily accessible for $20 any month.

Quirky + GE Aros Smart Window Air-Conditioner, $200Photo

The Particular Quirky + GE Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner.



the Aros connects via Wi-Fi for you to Wink, an app that controls additional connected home items via companies similar to General Electric, Philips, Lutron and also Nest, among others.

Using GPS, the particular Aros knows when you're home so when you're away, turning the machine on / off in order to always be able to save energy and obtain your living area comfortable prior to deciding to arrive.

Set your current monthly electricity spending budget about the app, and it will suggest temperature and also power-on times in order to fit. You may possibly also arrive up with your personal recipe and talk about it online websites through your system -- bringing a new social aspect for you to having a beer.

Sengled Boost, $50 for you to $60Wi-Fi signals are often annoyingly weak, unable to reach in which usually you nearly all want them. Your home could be also employed as an infant monitor, both with regard to camera surveillance and also playing lullabies through the actual speaker.

Home records the final 48 hours of movement in time-lapse mode with simply no extra cost. Your signal could be amplified with the aid of a range extender. Your app points out the actual greatest ways to brush, provides checklists as well as reminders to brush your current tongue and also floss, and also allows dentists in order to get into additional brushing routines just inside case specific places of the mouth want much more attention.

Oral-B says that will the common brushing period for those that use the app is practically 2.5 minutes, in contrast together with 45 to be able to 60 seconds pertaining to those that brush without having it. extra cloud storage with regard to video is also available; any week's valuation on full-motion or even time-lapse video can be held pertaining to $8 a month